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How Do You Write a Crisis Communications Plan?

The answer is, you don’t need to write a Crisis Communications Plan because we’ve already done it for you.

Plus, our plan gives you more than 100 pre-written news releases and statements for your stakeholders.

In all, you’ll get the value of 4,000 hours worth of work customized for you in only two days.

It’s fast. It’s affordable. It’s the answer you’ve been looking for.

Learn more by watching the detailed video below. It is a 15-minute video that will answer your most critical questions.


Why Do You Need a Crisis Communications Plan?

In today’s world, the smallest situation can turn into a crisis, which damages your organization’s reputation and revenue. The proliferation of cell phones and social media means that anyone, virtually anywhere, can post a picture, video, or comment about your situation. Within minutes, your situation goes viral online, then the mainstream media come knocking at your door.

Your crisis communications plan is your pre-determined road map that specifically outlines how you will respond to every crisis, no matter how unique it may be. The reality is that on the day of your crisis, you won’t be able to simply gather everyone in the boardroom and make decisions fast enough or well enough if you don’t have a plan.

If you wing it, you will crash and burn. If you have a plan, you will perform perfectly, thereby protecting your reputation and revenue. Think of it this way — your plan will likely pay for itself the very first time you use it.

These Pre-Written News Releases Are Included With Your Plan

Below is a list of the pre-written statements that you will receive with your customized crisis communications plan:

Abduction (at Work)
Abuse (at Work)
Activist Group Political
Adjacent to Our Facility
Airplane Crash with Executives On Board
Arrest – Domestic Violence
Arrest – Drugs
Arrest – DUI
Arrest – Theft
Arrest (of Employee/Executive)
Asbestos Exposure
ATV Accident On-site/of Worker
Avalanche – Affecting Company
Avalanche – Caused by Company
Bioterrorism – Biological Agent Release
Board Member Departure
Board President Departure
Bomb Exploded
Bomb Found (unexploded)
Bomb Threat
Bribes Allegation
Bribes Confirmed
CEO Departure/Departure of Leader
Chemical Odor – Off-site Source
Chemical Odor – On-site Source
Chemical Release/Spill – On Our Site
Chemical Spill – Off-site (By Company or Affecting Company)
Chemical Spill (Off-site Affecting Our Operations)
Chemical Spill at Distributor
Civil Disobedience
Computer Hacking of IT System – Data Loss
Computer IT, Identity & Personal Data Theft
Computer Theft – Stolen Device
Computer Virus
Dam Failure – On River or Lake
Discovery of Child Pornography on Company Computer
Drug Ring Arrest – Allegations
Drug Ring Conviction
EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity
Electrocution on the Job
Embezzlement – Stolen Funds Verified
Embezzlement Suspicion
Employee Violent Behavior – Altercation
Endangered Species – Impact on Business Operations
Environmental Terrorism
Explosion – On-site
Failure of Company Online Payment Processing System
Fire at Facility
Forest Fires
H1N1 Outbreak
H1N1 Precautions
Hostage – After Event
Hostage – During Event
Landslides – Affecting Company
Layoffs, Workforce Reduction
Mass Injury
National Emergency – Threat
National Emergency – During
National Emergency – After
Negative Editorials
Overdose at Work
Pandemic Hits
Pandemic Threats
Radon Gas
Rape Accusation
Sexual Misconduct
Shooting Workplace Violence During Event
Shooting Workplace Violence After Event
Social Media Account Hacked
Social Media Backlash from Inadvertent Post Intended to be a Positive Post
Social Media Bad Presentation Posted to Social Media
Social Media Facebook Rants and Attacks
Social Media Inadvertent Postings or Photo/Video Postings by Employees or Executives
Social Media Twitter #Hashtag Rants
Social Media YouTube Rants and/or Incriminating Videos
Sponsorship Accident
Stranded at Work/School/Hospital by External Event
Strike by Worker – Violent
Strike by Worker – Peaceful
Tornado – Injuries/Fatalities
Tornado – No Injuries
Vehicle Theft
Vehicular Accidents
Weather – Injury/Fatalities
Worker Fatality
Worker Injury
Worker Suicide


The two-day customization program can be just for your organization or you can invite other organizations to share the two days with you.

You will:

  • customize a complete 60-page crisis communications plan
  • receive at least 100 pre-written news releases
  • learn the skills needed to write more of these specially designed news releases
  • learn the skills needed to flawlessly execute your crisis communications plan so you can communicate effectively with your employees, the media, social media, and key stakeholders

This is not your ordinary crisis communication workshop where you learn crisis communication theory. This is a program where the goal and end result is to write and complete your crisis communication plan.

Pricing (Download this PDF to share)

The cost for a Lifetime License to use this plan is $9,995 for a single organization and a single location when the customization is done only for that organization over two days. If your company has multiple locations please phone us at 985-624-9976 to get a custom quote.

If two organizations wish to participate on the same two days, each will receive a $1,000 discount from our normal price for the license.

If three or more organizations wish to participate on the same two days, each will receive a $2,000 discount from our normal price for the license.

Please note that this is a licensed set of documents and not a work-for-hire, which makes it significantly more affordable for you. Plus, a work-for-hire plan would take two years to complete. Our approach delivers two years worth of work to you in only two days.

There are 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications

The 5 steps include:

  1. A Vulnerability Assessment
  2. Your Crisis Communications Plan
  3. Your Pre-Written Statements
  4. Annual Media Training for Your Spokespeople
  5. An Annual Crisis Communications Drill

This two-day customization program delivers the first three steps to you, including:

  1.  A full assessment of the vulnerabilities that could lead to a crisis for your employer
  2. Customization and completion of a world-class crisis communications plan that will work in any type of crisis you face.  The plan is approximately 60 pages long and contains all of my proprietary crisis communications plan features.
  3. A library of more than 100 pre-written news releases and instructions on how to write additional news releases so your library is customized for your specific needs

Is there a catch? Not really. In exchange for me turning over 4,000 hours worth of work developed since 1996 and between 500 and 700 pages of documents, I ask only one thing. I ask that you don’t give it away or share it with anyone who has not paid to use it and who has not paid the licensing fee. To participate, your company will sign a licensing agreement – just like you do for software and other intellectual property. The license says that your company gets to have a license to use the intellectual property forever, but I retain ownership to the intellectual property.

Each company/organization is allowed to have three to six people participate. I’ll tell you more about it all if you phone me at 985-624-9976 or contact me at gerard@braudcommunications (dot) com

The fee you pay really isn’t for you to attend the program. The fee is for the license. For all practical purposes, the customization program is essentially free for you to attend if your organization purchases a license. Please note that your organization is also responsible for travel and expenses.

Call me at 985-624-9976 so we can discuss it.