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Virtual and Live Keynote Presentation: “Words Matter”

Can you name one leader that used the wrong words – costing themselves their career, company, or city thousands or millions of dollars, or worse, lives?

Words matter. Words can inspire. Words can motivate. Words can comfort and console us.

We have plenty of case studies of business leaders, political leaders, and leaders around the world who either said the right thing at the right time or the wrong time at the wrong time. Budgets destroyed, companies destroyed, political careers destroyed, and cities destroyed. Just take Hurricane Katrina for example, and the wrong words that the Mayor used at a critical time. People died, in my opinion, because of what he said and what he failed to say.

There is a secret to picking the right word at the right time to achieve the right results.

These secrets are revealed in this customizable keynote presentation, as well as my crisis communications plans, crisis communications drills, and spokesperson media training.

To prepare your words for your next crisis and talk about your needs, schedule a complimentary, confidential call with me

Crisis communications and media training expert Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC is based in New Orleans. Organizations on five continents have relied on him to write their crisis communications plans and to train their spokespeople. He is the author of “Don’t Talk to the Media Until…”

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