H1N1 Swine Flu Crisis Communications Plan & Resources

Here are three incredible resources, ranging from Free to very affordable,
to help you with your Fall 2009 communications challenges as:

• Swine flu is escalating
• Budgets are tight
• Staffs are reduced
• Resources are limited

Here they are:

1) Write a full crisis communications plan in just 2-day at 4 locations across America.
• Listen to a 2 minute explanation
• Download a full brochure
• Get more details at
• Call 985-624-9976 to talk it over with Gerard

2) Prepare for your Swine Flu communications with a new teleseminar on demand.
It is available for listening when you are ready for it. Simply place your order now.
• No bad phone connections – No juggling schedules
• Listen on demand when you are ready
• Plus, get 15 minutes of private Q & A with Gerard after you listen

Regular price $199

Order now for just $99

3) Get regular Swine Flu communications updates for Free when you sign up

for the special BraudCasting Swine Flu edition.
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