Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Isaac and the Latest Social Media & Crisis Communications Strategies for Communicating During a Natural Disaster

The audio recording and handouts for this event are available for those who missed this webinar. The registration link allows you to purchase the recording from December 6, 2012.

Register Now for Only $99

As we exit hurricane season and enter the season of winter storms, it is time to take a fresh look at the reality of crisis communications during a natural disaster. The big challenge in a natural disaster is that sometimes you are the “main event” and other times you are experiencing a serious crisis as part of a much larger crisis. As just one part of a big story, how do you cope with communicating to your core stakeholders and how much do you need to focus on (or ignore) reaching out to the mainstream media.

Our final webinar of the year will focus on:

• How to best use Social Media during a natural disaster crisis

• How to function when electricity is lost

• How to combine technology and Social Media to reach the real media

Cost: $99

Free to those with annual Living License agreement for your Crisis Communications Plan.

You’ll also learn the secrets about how Gerard Braud was able to do live broadcast to CNN & The Weather Channel using only an iPhone, more than 3 days after Hurricane Isaac knocked out electricity to his home.

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