Should you write for the written word or the spoken word? Share your answers


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Consider our world of social media, our demand for rapid communications in 150 characters or less, and the way we skim over content on our phones. Consider how quickly the average person flips through multiple television news channels. In both situations, we are bombarded with so much information in shorter and shorter periods of time, and in the case of writing, in smaller and smaller spaces. In corporate communications, public relations and crisis communications, should you write for the written word or the spoken word? What if your message may be read by your audiences as well as listened to by your audiences? Please share your thoughts with us and your colleagues this week.



This question is one of a series of debates in the media relations, crisis communications, public relations, and social media industries where you and your colleagues can share observations with each other. Yes, YOU are invited to share your bite size bits of best practices. Here is how:

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