Sharing Your Answers: What if Your Leadership Team Listens to Corporate Lawyers More Than the PR Team?

By Gerard Braud


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As a public relations professional, how do you make sure that your voice is heard? How do you ensure that senior level executives and CEOs value your expertise on media training and effective communications? On Tuesday we asked corporate communicators and PR professionals to weigh in on our weekly discussion question, “If Your Leadership Team Listens to Corporate Lawyers More Than They Listen to the Public Relations Team How Do You Rectify That?” Today’s video features what your colleagues shared on social media throughout the week. Be sure to share your opinion and subscribe to the weekly question on the BraudCast YouTube Channel to participate next week.

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  1. Jimmy Richoux
    Jimmy Richoux says:

    I’m assuming that the P R Team is not very competant so legal gets the nod. the real question should be “How do you insure that your P R Team is full prepared and ready to handle a Crisis?”


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