Roger Goodell Fails to Lead NFL Out of Crisis – Gerard Braud Says Suspend Commissioner

By Gerard Braud

Click to watch this video

Click to watch this video

Roger Goodell’s news conference has not ended the NFL crisis. He failed to be a leader and he kicked the can down the road.

A call for abuse awareness classes is little more than smoke and mirrors. The good players don’t need the training. The bad guys need deep counseling.

Goodell shows arrogance and denial if he has not considered resigning. My personal opinion is that Goodell should take a one year suspension.

He has failed in crisis management and failed in crisis communications. He needs an expert at his side. If he doesn’t get the right experts, more teams, players, owners, and sponsors will turn against him.

Furthermore, an investigative report today by ESPN says the Ravens were aware of the Ray Rice assault and saw video proof hours after it happened. According the report, the Ravens’ coach wanted Rice fired, but the team owner reportedly petitioned Goodell to go easy on Rice.

If the ESPN report is true, Goodell will be fired. The crisis just got worse.

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