Please comment: What should you do when a reporter goes on a witch hunt?

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There is nothing like a crisis when your company has done something wrong and a reporter is on your case.  How do you go about taking on a reporter without taking the situation too personally or further damaging your reputation? What if that reporter publishes something inaccurate?

In a scenario like this, should you consult with a crisis communications expert or public relations expert? There are bloggers, reporters, managing editors, and executives out there who you need to establish positive relationships with. Who do you contact when your company may be in the wrong?  More importantly, how can you create a positive relationship with the media to avoid these situations? Do you risk fueling the fire when you engage with them?

This Monday we are asking you, our social media followers and BraudCast viewers, “What should you do when a reporter goes on a witch hunt?” We want to hear your thoughts and your experience on this media relations topic.  Please share your opinion with us and it may be shared this Friday in a follow-up video.

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