Please comment: How long should a crisis communications plan be?

By Gerard Braud

Is a five page crisis communications plan long enough to communicate effectively on your darkest day? What about 12 pages? How can corporate communications professionals or crisis experts tell if a plan is detailed and thorough enough to walk you through the steps of managing your crisis? There are plenty of crisis plans available on the internet. Would you trust your organization with one of them?

This week and every week on the BraudCast we are posing a discussion question for corporate communications, public relations, and crisis communications experts. The question is, “How long should a crisis communication plan be?”

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  1. Bill Spaniel
    Bill Spaniel says:

    Although it may not be always feasible, a good crisis communication plan should be short and flexible, as every crisis is different. Ideally, key points should fit on a business card that you can keep in your wallet. It probably should include following:
    1. First, do no harm (the doctor’s oath is applicable to almost all situations).
    2. Be sure key staff have been informed & are on message.
    3. Tell the truth (within the restrictions of propriety & the law; e.g., don’t reveal names unless next-of-kin have been notified).
    4. Show you care (e.g., you are committed to resolving the problem; you sympathize with victims/families).


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