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We’re ready to be your virtual meeting partner.

Meeting planners have a tough job. It is no easy task to select the perfect expert and the right professional keynote speaker for a conference or convention. Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible while giving your audience the perfect blend of content and entertainment.

…Oh, and we’ve been doing virtual presentations around the globe, long before virtual was the new trend.

To contact Gerard Braud (Jared Braud) for information about pricing and availability, please call 985-624-9976. You can also use this link to schedule a time that works for both of us:  For email, send an e-mail to gerard@braudcommunications (dot) com or contact us through our contact page.

  • We’re Zoom ready (Or the platform that you love best)
  • We have a full broadcast studio with professional lighting, backdrops, and audio
  • Promotional videos and articles are provided to meet your needs (Here is a sample)
  • Barking dogs in the background – no extra charge

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For biographical information for your conference brochure, please visit the About Us page.

Descriptions of the respective workshops and learning bullet points are found on the various keynote and workshop pages.

Download a PDF of Gerard’s Keynote topics to share with your selection committee.

Download a PDF of Gerard’s Workshop topics to share with your selection committee.

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Associations have permission to share these articles with members, provided there are no edits or changes to our copyright. Custom articles are available upon request.

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View a sample of Gerard Braud on stage