Ebola Crisis Communication: Webinar Follow-up Resources

Here are the crisis communications, crisis management, and public relations resources promised in the Friday, October 17, 2014 CommPro.biz webinar and on the October 27, 2014 IABC webinar:

First Critical Statement:

In crisis communications, you should have two types of pre-written communication
documents. The first is for fast release, called a “First Critical Statement.” Some companies call these holding statements. To get a free download use the coupon code CRISISCOMPLAN when you select the item from my website store. It will deliver a PDF to you through a secured server system.

Crisis communication workshop gerard braudWrite Your Crisis Communications Plan:

In the CommPro webinar I mentioned my 2-day program to write and complete a crisis communications plan. It will be in New Orleans November 5-6, 2014. I did not mention this in the IABC webinar, but details are here if you wish to know more.

Call me at 985-624-9976 to discuss pricing and details. The deliverable is a completed 50-page crisis communications plan and a minimum of 65 pre-written news releases. You’ll walk out with 500-700 pages of completed work.

If you cannot make these dates I can hold a program on another date just for you. Call me to discuss the options.

If you missed the CommPro webinar or would like to share the content, follow this link.  IABC members should visit the IABC registration link provided exclusively to members.

Listen to the re-broadcast

Listen to the re-broadcast

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