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crisis communications plan

You can’t afford NOT to have a crisis communications plan

Now you can customize your plan virtually.

Call us at 985-624-9976 to discuss availability and pricing.

You can schedule a virtual Crisis Communications Plan writing program anywhere in the world anytime. In just two days you will write and complete a world-class crisis communications plan.

The writing program can be just for your organization or you can invite other organizations to share the two days and the cost with you.

You will:

  • customize a complete 50-page crisis communications plan
  • receive at least 70-pre-written news releases
  • receive the option to automate portions of the process using
  • learn the skills needed to flawlessly execute your crisis communications plan so you can communicate effectively with your employees, the media, social media, and key stakeholders

This is not your ordinary crisis communication workshop where you learn crisis communication theory. This is a program where the goal and end result is to write and complete your crisis communication plan.

The deliverables include:

1)   A full assessment of the vulnerabilities that could lead to a crisis for your employer

2)   Customization and completion of a world-class crisis communications plan that will work in any type of crisis you face – the plan is approximately 50 pages long and contains all of our proprietary crisis communications plan features

3)   A library of more than 70 pre-written news releases and instructions on how to write additional news releases so your library is customized for your specific needs

4) The option to automate portions of your plan with

Is there a catch? Not really. In exchange for me turning over 5,000 hours worth of work developed since 1996 and between 500 and 700 pages of documents, I ask only one thing. I ask that you don’t give it away or share it with anyone who has not paid to use it and who has not paid the licensing fee. To participate, your company will sign a licensing agreement – just like you do for software and other intellectual property. The license says that your company gets to have a license to use the intellectual property forever, but I retain ownership to the intellectual property.

This is not a work for hire project, which would cost you more than $100,000 and take a year of collaboration. The program and licensing agreement are designed this way because it makes it a far more affordable option for you and it makes it fast.

Each company/organization is allowed to have three to six people participate. I’ll tell you more about it all if you phone me at 985-624-9976 or contact me at gerard@braudcommunications (dot) com