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Your Cooperative Needs a Crisis Communications Plan

We Can Deliver it Virtually With Our Crisis Communications Sprint

Get it Done in as Few as 1 to 2 Days

Plus We Can Automate it with SituationHub.com

We specialize in crisis communications plans written specifically for rural electric cooperatives, using our exclusive Crisis Communications Sprint method.

Because we’ve already done the hard work to build the tools you need, you can “Sprint” through the process in just 1 – 2 days.

Save time. Save money.

Your rural electric cooperative needs a crisis communications plan designed specifically for your industry. In just one to two days, we will help you write, customize, and complete a world-class crisis communications plan. Plus, your plan will include access to more than 75 different types of member, employee, and news release statements, all automated and delivered through SituationHub.com.

For more than 20 years we’ve been the crisis communications plan expert for co-ops. And now, we’ve partnered with SituationHub.com to automate many of your crisis communications tasks. SituationHub.com can even write a perfect news release statement for your members, your employees, the media, and other key stakeholders.

Why Do You Need a Crisis Communications Plan for Your Cooperative?

Your members, employees, and the media need to hear from you quickly when a situation arises that could escalate to a crisis. Furthermore, with the proliferation of social media, your members or employees may turn a small issue into a crisis with their comments on social media.

When your cooperative fails to issue a statement within one hour or less of the onset of a crisis, others will set the narrative. Your cooperative will lose credibility. Your cooperative will experience damage to both reputation and revenue.

Numerous case studies show how entire boards were voted out and how GMs were fired because they failed to address a variety of crises. How do you prevent this? You use your crisis communications plan and your library of pre-written news releases.

Act Now — Your Next Crisis May Be Minutes Away

The customization process can be just for your cooperative or you can invite other co-ops to share the two days with you. To check pricing and availability call 985-624-9976. Schedule a call: https://calendly.com/braud/15min

What is Included in Your Crisis Communications Sprint?

  • A Complete Vulnerability Assessment
  • A Customized 50-page Crisis Communications Plan
  • Access to at least 75 pre-written news release statements through SituationHub.com
  • Learn the skills needed to flawlessly execute your crisis communications plan so you can communicate effectively with your employees, your members, the media, and social media

This is not your ordinary crisis communication workshop where you learn crisis communication theory. This is a sprint, where the goal and end result is to write and complete your crisis communication plan. We have already done most of the work. We’ve put more than 10,000 hours and more than 25 years into the development of your plan. All you need is to help us modify your templates.

The value of this plan is estimated at $1.2 million dollars.

To write it on your own could take a veteran crisis communications expert six months to one year to complete, provided they don’t have any other job responsibilities.

Pricing is very affordable

Call us at 985-624-9976 or schedule a confidential discovery call https://calendly.com/braud/15min to discuss your options that can include:

  • A Vulnerability Assessment
  • Your Crisis Communications Plan
  • A subscription to SituationHub.com