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Your Cooperative Needs a Crisis Communications Plan

We specialize in crisis communications plans written specifically for rural electric cooperatives.

Your rural electric cooperative needs a crisis communications plan designed specifically for your industry. In just two days we will help you write, customize, and complete a world-class crisis communications plan. Plus, your plan will include 150 pre-written statements that can be used as news releases, statements to employees, and as a statement to your members. For more than 20 years we’ve been the crisis communications plan expert for co-ops.

Why Do You Need a Crisis Communications Plan for Your Cooperative?

Your members, employees, and the media need to hear from you quickly when a situation arises that could escalate to a crisis. Furthermore, with the proliferation of social media, your members or employees may turn a small issue into a crisis with their comments on social media.

When your cooperative fails to issue a statement within one hour or less of the onset of a crisis, others will set the narrative. Your cooperative will lose credibility. Your cooperative will experience damage to both reputation and revenue.

Numerous case studies show how entire boards were voted out and how GMs were fired because they failed to address a variety of crises. How do you prevent this? You use your crisis communications plan and your library of pre-written news releases.

Act Now — Your Next Crisis May Be Minutes Away

The customization program can be just for your cooperative or you can invite other co-ops to share the two days with you. To check pricing and availability call 985-624-9976.

You will:

  • customize a complete 60-page crisis communications plan
  • receive at least 150 pre-written news releases
  • learn the skills needed to write more of these specially designed news releases
  • learn the skills needed to flawlessly execute your crisis communications plan so you can communicate effectively with your employees, the media, social media, and your members

These are the 150 pre-written statements that are included with your license:

Abduction (at Workplace)
Abuse Allegation
Activist Group Herbicide
Activist Group Protest
Adjacent to Our Facility
Arrest – Drug
Arrest – DUI
Arrest – Theft
Arrest (Domestic)
Asbestos (Possible Exposure)
ATV Accident
Avalanche (Caused by Company)
Avalanche (Impacting Operations)
Ballot Mishandling Accusation
Board Member Departure
Board President Departure
Bomb Threat
Bomb Found (Unexploded)
Bomb Exploded
Bribes – Alleged
Bribes – Confirmed
Business Interruption – Cash Flow
Cable Failure Resulting in Death
Capital Credit Lawsuit
Capital Credit Protest
Capital Credits Explained
CEO Departure
Chemical Odor Report Off-site
Chemical Odor Report On-site
Chemical Spill – On-site
Chemical Spill (Off-site Affecting Our Operations)
Child Injury or Fatality No Service Interruption
Civil Disobedience
Clean Coal Environmental
Complaint Regarding Board Per Diem
Computer Hacking of IT System – Data Loss
Computer Identity Theft
Computer NPI Breach
Computer Theft
Computer Virus
Conflict of Interest Resolution
Conflict of Interest Allegation
Copper Theft
Copper Theft with Fatality
Customer Fatality – Non-payment or Non-application
Customer Fatality – Service Interruption
Dam Failure
Discovery of Child Pornography
Dog Attack – Injury to Employee
Dog Injured by Employee
Dog Killed by Employee
Drug Ring Arrest Allegations
Drug Ring Conviction
EEOC – Lawsuit
Electrical Explosion
Electrical Contact
Electrocution on the Job
Embezzlement – Stolen Funds Verified
Embezzlement Suspicion
Employees – Sleeping on the Job
Employees at Strip Club
Employees – Board Member Misusing Cooperative Property
Endangered Species/Threatened Species
Environmental Terrorism
Equipment Failure/Power Outage
Executive Obituary
Failure of Company Online Payment Processing System
Fire (at Facility)
Flash Contact – Injury Only
Flash Contact – Injury Death
Forest Fire – Power Outage
Gas or LNG Explosion
Generation Supply Environmental Issues
Generation Supply Interruption
Grassland Fires – Power Outage
H1N1 Outbreak
H1N1 Precautions
High Demand – Precautions
Homicide – Employee
Hostage After Event Is Over
Hostage During Event
Ice Storm
Identity & Personal Data Theft
Job Loss Can’t Pay Bills
Landslide (Impacting Operations)
Layoffs, Workforce Reduction
LNG Leak Chemical Spill On-site
Major Storm – Facility Damage
Mass Injury
Member Hostility Protests
Murder/Suicide at Work
National Emergency – After
National Emergency – During
National Emergency – Threat
Natural Gas Interruption
Negative Editorials
Pandemic Hits
Pandemic Threats
Peeping Tom Arrest
Plane Crash with Executives
Radon Gas (Possible Exposure)
Rape – Accusation
Renewables Generation Supply Issues
Right-of-Way Herbicide
Scada Power Grid Outage
Scam Calls
Sexual Misconduct, Harassment, Racial, Gender
Shooting – Field Employee – Injury – Fatality
Shooting – Field Employee – No Injury -No Fatality
Shooting Workplace Violence After Event
Shooting Workplace Violence During Event
Smart Meters RF Transmission
Social Media Account Hacked
Social Media Backlash from Inadvertent Post Intended to be a Positive Post
Social Media Bad Presentation Posted to Social Media
Social Media Facebook Rants and Attacks
Social Media Inadvertent Postings or Photo/Video Postings by Employees or Executives
Social Media Twitter #Hashtag Rants
Stealing Power
Stealing Power – Fatality
Stray Voltage – Dog Death
Stray Voltage – Human Death
Strike or Labor Dispute – Peaceful
Strike or Labor Dispute – Violent
Substation Permitting
Tornado – Injuries/Fatalities
Tornado – No Injuries
Travel Policy Questioned by Member
Vehicle Theft – Non-employee
Vehicular Accident
Violent Behavior
Weather – Death, Injury
Winter Weather – Precautions
Worker Suicide
Workplace Fatality
Workplace Injury


This is not your ordinary crisis communication workshop where you learn crisis communication theory. This is a program where the goal and end result is to write and complete your crisis communication plan. We have already done most of the work. We’ve dedicated more than 4,000 hours and more than 20 years into the development of your plan. All you need is to help us modify your templates.

The value of this plan is estimated at $1.2 million dollars.

To write it on your own would take a veteran crisis communications expert two full years to complete.

Pricing (Download this PDF to share)

The cost for a Lifetime License to use this plan is possibly less than the per diem you pay your co-op board for a single meeting. We can deliver this plan to you in only two days for just $9,995. That means that your cost-per-meter and cost-per-member is very low.

Discounts Are Available

If two co-ops wish to participate on the same two days, each will receive a $1,000 discount from our normal price for the license.

If three or more co-ops wish to participate on the same two days, each will receive a $2,000 discount from our normal price for the license.

There Are 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications

The 5 Steps include:

  • A Vulnerability Assessment
  • Writing a Crisis Communications Plan
  • Writing a Library of Pre-Written News Releases
  • Annual Media Training for Your Spokespeople
  • An Annual Crisis Communications Drill

With your license, in two days you will complete the first three steps, including:

1)   A full assessment of the vulnerabilities that could lead to a crisis for your co-op

2)   Customization and completion of a world-class crisis communications plan that will work in any type of crisis you face – the plan is approximately 60 pages long and contains all of my proprietary crisis communications plan features.

3)   A library of more than 150 pre-written news releases and instructions on how to write additional news releases so your library is customized for your specific needs.

Is there a catch? Not really. In exchange for me turning over 4,000 hours worth of work developed since 1996 and between 500 and 700 pages of documents, I ask only one thing. I ask that you don’t give it away or share it with anyone who has not paid to use my intellectual property and who has not paid the licensing fee.

To participate, your co-op will sign a licensing agreement – just like you do for software and other intellectual property. The license says that your cooperative gets to have a license to use the intellectual property forever, but I retain ownership to the intellectual property.

This is not a work-for-hire project, which would cost you more than $500,000 and take two years of collaboration. The program and licensing agreement are designed this way because it makes it a far more affordable option for you and it makes it fast.

Each cooperative is allowed to have three to six people participate in the customization program. I’ll tell you more about it all if you phone me at 985-624-9976 or contact me at gerard@braudcommunications (dot) com

The fee you pay really isn’t for you to attend the program. The fee is for the license. For all practical purposes, the customization program is essentially free for you to attend if your co-op purchases a license. Please note that your cooperative is also responsible for travel and expenses.

Call me at 985-624-9976 so we can discuss it.