Crisis Communications Drills


Crisis Communications Drills Allow You to Mess Up in Private…

… So You Don’t Mess Up in Public

Test Your Crisis Readiness

Crisis Communications Drills are the best way to find out if your team is crisis ready.

  • An untested Crisis Communications Plan is a recipe for disaster.
  • A fully tested Crisis Communications Plan is a pathway to success.

Request a drill today to put your Crisis Communications Plan and crisis management team to the test. Together we will organize a combined tabletop and live action drill, complete with our mob of mock media.

Your drill includes:

  • planning and writing a highly scripted and realistic crisis scenario
  • an onsite crisis communication drill facilitator
  • a two to three-hour drill
  • news conference role-playing
  • mock “live” television reports
  • realistic social media interaction
  • live action phone calls from mock role-players
  • an on-site crisis communication drill evaluation

For more details and a price quote contact us by email of phone 985-624-9976.