Crisis Communications News Release Contest

This is our crisis communications news release contest.

Rules: The clock is ticking. You need to get a statement posted to your website, emailed to the media, and emailed to your employees. Below is the statement that you have been given.

  • Do you post it and send it out as is?
  • Do you make edits?
  • If you make edits, write the time you begin editing and the time you complete the edits.
  • Email your revised script to
  • You must explain your edits. A short video explaining your edits would be great.
  • If you make no edits, explain why.

Time edit begins ________

Fire at Houston

  1. At ABC Chemical, one of our goals is to always keep our employees, our community, our customers, and the media apprised of activities at our facility.
  2. We can confirm that at this time we are responding to a fire.
  3. The event began at approximately 12:30 PM.
  4. The address of this event is 123 Main Street, Houston, Texas.
  5. The location of this event is commonly known as our Houston facility.
  6. The event is ongoing.
  7. We can confirm there are no known fatalities.
  8. We can confirm there are no known injuries.
  9. At this time everyone is accounted for.
  10. We have requested assistance from the Houston Fire Department and EMS.
  11. Members of our team are in the process of gathering additional facts about this event.
  12. We encourage everyone to avoid speculating about the facts of this incident. Likewise, we caution the public that what you see on social media may not be accurate. We encourage you to rely only on information from official sources, such as agencies responding to this event.
  13. We ask the media and all interested parties to expect additional updates from us.
  14. We will post any updates to our website at
  15. In the meantime, please bear with us.

Time edit ends ________

Total time spent editing _______

Photo by Evy Prentice on Unsplash

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