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Crisis Communications Best Practices: 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communication

By Gerard Braud Fail to plan Crisis Expert Gerard Braud Blog

Many crisis communication experts have one goal – they want YOU to have a crisis so that you call THEM to repair your reputation so that THEY make a lot of money.

That is such Bull$&*t.

But then again, that’s why I am a maverick and a contrarian when it comes to crisis communications. That’s also why I’m giving you The 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications.

With that said, let me DARE YOU. I dare you, within the next week… or even within the next 30 days, to take one step to examine your crisis communications strategy.

To get you started, I’m giving you a 5-part video series on The 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications. In it, you will learn actionable best practices in crisis communications.

Want to know what the catch is?

1) I want YOU to NOT have a crisis.

2) I want YOU to have the best crisis communication plan possible, so that you can recognize a potential crisis early, and either eliminate the crisis or prepare to respond to the crisis.

3) I want YOU to have your own toolkit that allows you to communicate quickly, so that you control the narrative, rather than having the narrative defined by rumors on social media.

Each video is only eight to ten minutes long, so you can quickly steal time each day to watch them five days in a row. I dare you to commit to watch all five. That means you will get 50 to 60 minutes of the content I share when I’m delivering keynote presentations to various associations around the world.

And the choice is yours – after each lesson you can ask me questions or you can watch all five and then schedule a call to ask questions.

And the choice is yours – you can take all five steps or you can take my dare to do just one.

And the choice is yours – you can be a do-it-yourselfer DIY style and use my lessons as your outline for success, or you can ask me about some of my turnkey options that will have you up and running in one to two days.

The choice is yours. I dare you to get started.

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