Continuity Insights Keynote Presentation 2018 – Gerard Braud – Don’t Talk to the Media Until…

It was an honor and a privilege to deliver the keynote speech that opened the 16th Annual Continuity Insights Management Conference in Miami, Florida on Monday (April 23, 2014). The conference audience contained 400 professionals and experts in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Gerard-Braud-Keynote-Speaker-Continuity-InsightsThe keynote speech was titled, Don’t Talk to the Media Until..During the 90 minute speech and presentation, we discussed the need to be fast and effective in communicating with the media and other key audiences when an incident or crisis happens. The goal we discussed is to be nearly as fast as social media. I shared the concept of how I use a library of 100 pre-written news releases in each of the crisis communications plans that I license to businesses around the world.

To supplement the presentation, here are the

Additional resources I promised the audience while I was on stage:

1) This link will let you download a PDF of my slides.

2) For the free special report on the Three Most Critical Mistakes Made in Media Interviews, use this link to my web store:

Gerard Braud Media Interview Expert Special Report

3) To download a free copy of my First Critical Statement, also visit my web store. Select the First Critical Statement and use the coupon code CRISISCOMPLAN  Please note that this is not a substitute for a crisis communications plan, but only one page out of a 700-page crisis communications plan and news release system that I license to my clients.

4) If you would like to purchase a copy of my book, Don’t Talk to the Media Until…  visit the web store. The books will remain on sale for only $10 for the remainder of the week

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at 985-624-9976.Gerard-Braud-Author-Book-199x300


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