Welcome to the Crisis Communications Sprint!

A Sprint is a New Way to Address Your Old Problems

Your Rural Electric Cooperative is Facing New Crisis Communications Challenges Every Day

We’re Here to be Your Virtual Expert

The Old Problem

  • Too many cooperatives drag out the crisis communications process.
  • Some never start because they neither have the time nor the money to tackle the task.
  • Some don’t have the expertise or a full grasp of the task at hand.
  • Some think they can just sort it all out if something bad happens.

The New Solution

  • Get it done in 1 – 4 days.
  • Tackle one task or tackle them all.
  • Be fast. Be affordable.
  • Prepare on a sunny day for what might happen on your darkest day.

There are 5 Steps to Effective Crisis Communications for Cooperatives

We can help you tackle them one at a time or combine them.

In 1 – 4 days, you can have the tools you need to communicate effectively in any situation.

  • Step 1: A Vulnerability Assessment
  • Step 2: Customize your Crisis Communications Plan
  • Step 3: Create a library of pre-written statements and news releases
  • Step 4: Train your spokespeople with virtual Media Training
  • Step 5: A Crisis Communications Drill to test your team and your plan

Contact us to discuss your needs. We will customize an option that fits your budget, saving you time and money. Schedule a confidential discovery call: Your next crisis could be minutes away. Why risk it? Why wait? It never hurts to find out if this is a perfect fit for your cooperative. Schedule your call now.

Get Help From an Expert

For more than two decades, Gerard Braud has been working with cooperatives across America to help prepare for and respond to any situation that might become a crisis.

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