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Virtual Media Training Class

If media interviews are part of your job, here is the replay to Thursday’s Virtual Media Training. Use this link to listen. Talking to the media is hard, even on a sunny day. This is why top leaders, executives, and spokespeople take annual media training classes, either in person or as a virtual media training class. […]

Virtual and Live Keynote Presentation: “Words Matter”

Can you name one leader that used the wrong words – costing themselves their career, company, or city thousands or millions of dollars, or worse, lives? Words matter. Words can inspire. Words can motivate. Words can comfort and console us. We have plenty of case studies of business leaders, political leaders, and leaders around the […]

Crisis Communications and the Volatile Customer on Social Media

We don’t often associate customer service with crisis communications. However, in the age of social media, a single unhappy customer can quickly damage a brand’s revenue and reputation. Over the years in this blog, we have reviewed countless case studies of how customers on social media have leveled serious allegations against companies. Cancel culture is […]

Can You Handle a Crisis When it Hits by Winging It?

This video asks the question, “Should a PR person prepare for a crisis or should they wing it and rely on hope?” You may know the obvious answer, but you might be surprised to know that too many PR professionals still wing their response to a crisis. Planning it requires writing vulnerability assessments, writing a […]